My podcast with “SBS Russian” about “Lost in Books” and the importance of quality illustrations!

I was recently interviewed by Lera Shvets for the radio programme “SBS Russian“. I’m honoured to say this is the third time “SBS Russian” has invited me to speak to their audience. This time we delve into my work as Consultant Book Buyer with the Sydney-based multi-lingual book store “Lost in Books“.

Check out the entire interview here.


For those unaware, “Lost in Books” commissioned me to curate their book acquisition lists (in Farsi, Arabic, Chinese and other languages). A richly rewarding and challenging undertaking that has expanded my comprehension and enormous appreciation of multi-lingual children’s books and the incredibly talented illustrators I have discovered along the way.

Lera and I discuss the “Think and Do Foundation” (the arts and social impact charity that founded “Lost in Books“) and the foundation’s many other crucial social work initiatives.

We ponder the challenges of searching out books in languages I can’t speak and the disservice to kids of mass-producing, cheap and mediocre children’s books. Plus, children’s book illustrations of the Soviet era. Brilliant? Or has my judgement been clouded by nostalgia?

This podcast is entirely Russian, so, unfortunately, it’s for my Russian-speaking audience only. 

However, if you would like to discuss any of these topics or learn more about “Lost in Books”, please reach out with your questions or comments. I’m always happy to engage in conversations with my wonderful readers.

If you like what you hear on this podcast, please check out my two previous interviews below:

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