IBBY “Silent Books” touring exhibition at “Lost in Books”

International Board on Books for Young People “Silent Books” exhibition is touring the world and is currently in Australia. It includes 67 books from 16 countries: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, UAE, UK, USA. “Silent Books” comprises wordless picture books which tell simple and complex stories while pushing the boundaries of artistic and creative expressions. A full list of titles can be found on IBBY’s website.

It has first been shown at the Queensland Library in Brisbane, then travelled to Sydney and at the moment is on display at “Lost in Books“, one of the most amazing bookstores in Sydney. I will show a few books in the next few posts, but the author of momotimetoread has posted an excellent coverage of many of the  “Silent Books” on her blog.

A little bit of history… It all began in 2012 in Lampedusa, an island in southern Italy where many refugees had been arriving after long and hazardous boat journeys across the Mediterranean. The people carried with them fear, anxiety and grief. It is in this environment that a project called “Silent Books” has taken root. IBBY, the organisation that also runs Hans Christian Andersen Awards for career contributions to children’s writing and illustration, supported the assembly of wordless books and sends them on tour around the world. The collection is growing each year with new titles by talented creators from around the world being added to it. “Silent Books” reaches out to people from all cultures, irrespective of the language they speak bridges cultural and linguistic barriers. Wordless books can tell simple or complex stories and certainly push the boundaries of artistic and creative expression.

The exhibition is on until 24 April so don’t miss out if you are in Sydney. We are fortunate that we are able to open and read the books here in Sydney as they did not have such luxury in Brisbane due to COVID-19 limitations. Every age, taste and preference for genre and aesthetics is catered for, so prepare to get lost at “Lost in Books” for a good few hours.

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